Can this tool at the nail salon raise your risk of cancer?

Nail salons provide a range of services to keep your feet and hands looking great. There are many nail salons that offer manicures and pedicures. Some of these treatments can come with health risks, which should not be ignored.

Gel Manicures & UV Nail Dryers

In recent years, gel manicures have grown in popularity as they provide a glossy finish that lasts longer than traditional nail polish. A UV nail dryer is one of the most important components of a Gel manicure.

The UV nail dryer uses ultraviolet (UV), light to harden polish and make it last several weeks, without peeling or chipping. These UV nail dryers are great for creating a flawless manicure but there are concerns over the safety of UV radiation that they emit.

According to a recent study published by Nature Communications, UV nail dryers may cause permanent DNA mutations and damage in skin cells of mice, humans, and humans.

UV Radiation & Skin Cancer

UV radiation is light emitted from the sun, as well as other sources such UV nail dryers. It is well known that this radiation damages our skin and increases the risk of developing skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen can reduce your exposure to UV radiation that causes cancer.

As a metabolic by-product, ROS are produced when UV radiation penetrates skin. ROS molecules are highly reactive molecules which cause DNA, proteins and other cell structures to be damaged.

The Impact of Your Nails

The impact of UV nail drying on nails has not been thoroughly studied, despite the fact that the dangers of UV radiation are well-known.

A recent study in Nature Communications showed a dose-dependent rise in reactive oxygen species (ROS) and mutations in cells. The more UV nail dryers you use, the greater your risk of skin cancer.

Protecting yourself at the Nail Salon

Limiting your exposure to UV nail dryers will help you reduce the risk.

It’s as easy as selecting a nail varnish that does not require UV treatment.

Apply sunscreen to your hands prior to your manicure if you are going to have UV nail drying. There is no conclusive proof that this will protect your skin completely, and the skin around nail beds could still be vulnerable.

Consult your dermatologist or primary doctor if you have questions or concerns regarding the safety of cosmetic procedures. They can answer your questions and provide you with guidance on how to protect and maintain healthy skin.