Why do sad songs make us feel better? Experts Explain:

Music can evoke many different emotions. Music connects us to our emotions like few other things.

Sad songs in particular have the power to affect us deeply. When we feel down, they are usually the first thing that comes to mind.

Listening to sad music can actually make us feel better.

Sad music may help people with depression

People with MDD tend to listen to sad music.

It’s not hard to see why sad people enjoy sad songs. The motivation behind this could be less obvious.

Participants with MDD who were recently asked why they prefer sad music. Participants reported that they preferred sad music to perpetuate their sadness because it is low energy and relaxing.

Listening to sad music could have a calming affect, helping people with depression manage their symptoms.

The Rewards of Music-Evoked Sadness

Music is a great way to express sadness, an emotion we tend to avoid in our everyday lives.

A study conducted in 2014 on the subject of music-evoked sorrow found that there were 4 primary rewards for music-evoked sad

  • Sad music can create vivid emotions and stimulate imagination. Music and lyrics together can transport the listener to a world of emotions, allowing him to imagine and feel things he may never have been able to.
  • Regulating negative emotions: Listening sad music helps regulate negative emotions and provides an opportunity to work through difficult emotions.
  • Encourage empathy: Sad songs can encourage empathy and understanding.
  • No “real life” implications: Music allows us to feel emotions without worrying about the real-life consequences. Sad music is a great way to feel sad without worrying about its real-life consequences.

The rewards are greater for those with low emotional stability and high empathy.

Sad music evokes a variety of emotions, but nostalgia is the most common. Memory was also rated the most important factor in evoking sadness.

Music Therapy: How it Can Help

Music therapy is an effective, non-invasive treatment for depression and other mental illnesses.

According to a 2017 meta-analysis, music therapy has short-term benefits for those with depression when combined with standard treatment.

Music therapy can help with depression by improving symptoms, reducing anxiety, and improving general functioning. Music therapy helps people to express their emotions, learn coping skills, and improve their social skills.

Sad Songs Make Us Feel Better

We still don’t understand the psychology of why sad music makes us feel better. But we do know that it is a multifaceted and complex experience.

Don’t be too concerned about the reason you are drawn to sad songs. Accept the feeling and realize that it is a healthy and natural way to deal with difficult emotions.